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    One of the three new Luxembourg-registered funds invests in global developed markets while the other two funds focus on North Ilim trading and Europe, meeting the needs of clients who want to allocate to these regions within their asset allocation.

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    Passive investment products that track indices have proliferated in the past decade, but there are few options available for investors who want to invest responsibly.

    By incorporating exclusions as well as a positive selection approach, these sustainable enhanced index solutions blend the low tracking error of passive funds with a much stronger sustainability profile.

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    This approach enables investors to incorporate environmental, social and governance ESG factors into their equity portfolios at a modest cost while targeting risk-adjusted returns comparable to those of the traditional benchmark.

    Expanding our indexed solution to provide additional options for clients which incorporate responsible investment principles is a key priority and our partnership with NN IP supports that ambition.

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    This means that performance will be broadly in line with market returns. In implementing its enhanced investment process, NN IP makes positive selections based on criteria such as carbon emissions, governance and other ESG-related aspects, while removing index constituent stocks that are not ilim trading keeping with its sustainability model.

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    ILIM has undergone significant growth in recent years in its indexation business, with assets under management now exceeding EUR 50 billion. Selected share classes of the sub-fund are currently registered in The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

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